Titled “Crossing a St. Louis Street That Divides Communities,” the four-minute video from the BBC looks at the north and south sides of Delmar Boulevard. It’s definitely worth taking the time to view the video.

1 Comment on Great BBC Piece on Hypersegregation in St. Louis

  1. Nan Sweet says:

    There may be an element of exaggeration here, in that this concerns only the CWE and neighborhoods are mixed running south of Delmar if you travel east of the CWE.

    Part of the situation with the CWE is the very large homes south of Delmar which have invited single-family gentrification in recent decades. On the flip side, there is a strong sense of “noblesse oblige” among CWE’rs toward neighbors to the N, S, E, and W — supported by the cluster of liberalreligous institutions in that area (Central Reform, Trinity Episcopal, Second Pres, Ist Unitarian, etc.), such that these have collaborated on major social welfare actions, food programs and much more, through linkages such as the “Joint Community Board” of past decades and now the Holy Ground Collaborative: http://www.holyground-cwe.org/

    Nan Sweet