Linda Tate on December 12th, 2011

If you’re on Facebook, you must add “Preserving St. Louis” as one of your friends. “St. Louis City Talk” is also fun — but “Preserving St. Louis” is just fantastic if you want to trip down memory lane and recall the places, sights, sounds (even tastes!) of St. Louis. “Preserving St. Louis” gives a brief […]

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Linda Tate on December 10th, 2011

Normally, I wouldn’t indulge in this kind of language — but this is a reference to a new Forbes article: “St. Louis Doesn’t Suck.” The author first points out the ways St. Louis is denigrated by people outside the metro area (see, for example, The Onion‘s farcical piece on St. Louis as an undesirable destination). […]

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