My grandfather, Art Landsbury, would have been very proud of his Cards, who are headed to the World Series, after their 12-6 victory over the Brewers last night.

Back in the day, Grandpa would have been huddled up at the kitchen table with his transistor radio, a cold Stag beer, and a fresh pack of Raleigh cigarettes.  These days, I know my parents, Bonnie and Jim Burrows, will be glued to the set, snacks in hand, watching the whole thing unfold.

Go, Cards!

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  1. kay anderson says:

    this is cousin kay manley. i am glad i have found your website here. what a great topic, my stomping grounds. I grew up in wellston, and can give you lots of info for your new book. i lived it throughout the 60’s and most of the 70’s. I know names and places and streets.

    love ya dancing bear