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The last two weeks, I’ve written about my grandfather’s favorite beers – Falstaff and Stag. Now it’s time to immortalize his favorite cigarettes: Raleighs. Made by Brown & Williamson, Raleigh Cigarettes were the sponsor for Red Skelton’s popular Raleigh Cigarettes Program. (I remember watching Red Skelton with my grandparents but didn’t remember that the show was sponsored by Raleighs.)

Grandpa may have enjoyed the taste of Raleighs (I don’t know – I never asked), but he definitely loved the coupons that came on each pack (and bonus coupons when you bought cartons of Raleighs). He saved the coupons and redeemed them for various items.  For a great close-up of a Raleigh coupon, click here.

I don’t know what Grandpa “bought” with the coupons – perhaps some of my family members recall? If your family redeemed Raleigh coupons, what did you get with them?

This week’s post is mostly interactive. You’ve got to visit these sites and watch the Raleigh commercials. You will not be disappointed!

Next week: Another way to save up for special items!

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